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Camera manual in 29 languages – does IKEA hold the record?

IKEA Knäppa

Knäppa is a recyclable camera just introduced by IKEA. It is complete with zoom (move your arms in and out) and image stabilization (rest your arms on something).

Clearly, Knäppa is super simple, made out of one sheet of cardboard that folds up, one button, two plastic screws, two batteries, and a USB port. The company wants customers to use the camera to take pictures of their homes to share with others through the IKEA website.

But what may be the most amazing thing about the Knäppa camera is that its manual comes in 29 languages. Here’s the English page from the manual:

IKEA Knäppa manual

That it’s IKEA that’s delivering 29 languages in a camera manual is not a big surprise. After all, the infamous IKEA catalog is available in 27 languages and printed in almost 200 million copies annually.

But do you know of any manual, for a camera or some other piece of technology, that is made in more languages than the one for Knäppa?

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bet that hikes up the delivery charge haha

Wow! That camera looks so rad! It’s a diy camera! ;)