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BYOD – Weekend must-read articles #17


Have you felt the effects of BYOD in your company? Chances are, you and your colleagues want to Bring Your Own Devices to the office and use instead of, or in addition to, the equipment the company has issued. But BYOD arguably has immense implications in terms of security and many other areas.

Every Friday we bring you a collection of links to places on the web that we find particularly newsworthy, interesting, entertaining, and topical. We try to focus on some particular area or topic each week, but in general we will cover Internet, web development, networking, performance, security, and other geeky topics.

This week’s suggested reading about BYOD

BYOD can be a competitive advantage, IT managers say :: TechJournal

Over 80 per cent of IT managers think that enterprises with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy hold a competitive advantage over other organizations, according to research commissioned by BT. The research, which surveyed attitudes towards employees’ use of their own laptops, tablets and smartphones for work, covered 2,000 IT users and IT managers in 11 countries and from a range of sectors. It suggests that BYOD has arrived — over four in five companies say they already allow BYOD or will do so within the next 24 months and sixty per cent of employees claim they are already allowed to connect personally-owned devices to the corporate network.

Cisco: Enterprises Are Embracing BYOD :: eWeek

“As the number of devices being brought into work increases, organizations need a comprehensive mobility strategy,” Padmasree Warrior, senior vice president and CTO for Cisco, said in a statement. “By leveraging the intelligent network, organizations can now provide their employees with the benefits of working anywhere, any time: in other words, ‘work your way.’”

BYOD Myths: Cost Savings, Productivity Gains, Less Headaches :: CIO

A few years ago, corner-office executives shucked their company-owned BlackBerry smartphones in favor of personally owned iPhones, and then demanded IT support them. Thus began the great march toward BYOD, or bring-your-own-device.
CIOs don’t like to admit caving to executive whims, and so they’ve devised a recipe of BYOD benefits. But are they myths?

CIOs Must Bolster Mobile Security as BYOD Trend Booms :: Network Computing

Michael Finneran, author of the report, notes that while giving employees a green light to use their own devices might provide a morale boost, it’s a potentially costly one if corporate data falls into the wrong hands. The survey found that there’s much to be done to secure enterprises as more devices and more platforms connect to the organization: A good place to start is Wi-Fi policy. Surprisingly, the survey found that 32% of respondents cite penetration of Wi-Fi networks as a top concern, while only 5% worry about penetration of users’ home Wi-Fi networks.

Extreme BYOD: When consumer tech goes to unexpected places :: PC Advisor

If there’s one phrase I associate with the future, it’s control panels. You know, the gleaming, custom built set of controls that provide a direct interface to the advanced machines that we use in our every day lives, here in the futuristic world of the 21st century. But a funny thing happened along the way to that vision: we invented general-purpose computers, some small enough to fit in your hand, and made them cheap enough that most people could buy one or three. And those mundane consumer devices began to show up in the most extreme places — and in some cases, to complement or even displace the equipment that was already there.

BYOD: If You Think You’re Saving Money, Think Again :: CIO

It’s the battle hymn of the mobile worker: They want to use their personal iPhones, iPads and Android devices instead of company-issued BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBooks to get their jobs done. It’s part of a growing trend called BYOD, or bring-your-own-device. While CIOs might gloat at BYOD’s perceived cost savings—no more BlackBerry purchases!—they’d be wrong to do so. Aberdeen Group found that a company with 1,000 mobile devices spends an extra $170,000 per year, on average, when they use a BYOD approach.

European firms allow BYOD despite security concerns :: Computerworld

Despite security concerns, more than two-thirds of enterprises in Europe allow their staff to use their own devices for work, according to research. Network access systems firm Aruba questioned almost 800 IT and networking professionals across the EMEA region and found that 69 percent of organisations allow some form of BYOD (bring your own device), whether that is limited to internet connectivity or includes some access to corporate applications on employee-owned devices.

BYOD: How to Manage a New Era of IT Support for Employee-owned Mobile Devices :: WWPI

Executives and employees alike are purchasing their own iPhones, iPads and Android-based smartphones and tablets, and increasingly using these devices for both work and pleasure. As a result, a figurative tidal wave of employee-owned mobile devices is flooding the enterprise workspace. There are distinct benefits to employees using devices with which they’re comfortable – they improve productivity and employee satisfaction. And BYOD is enabling enterprises to reduce their mobile expenses.

The tablet revolution is coming: Working anywhere without compromise :: ZDNet

The workforce is becoming more mobile than ever before, and the capable tablet is a growing reason why. It is why the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is in the news so much, as many want to bring the tablet to work. The tablet frees folks up to work almost anywhere, in large part because mobile OSes have evolved to provide powerful mobile experiences. Right now I am working as I do every day, performing all the tasks I need to do, dealing with work issues as they come up, and writing this column. It is business as usual, except I am at the car dealership having my auto repaired.

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