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South Korea is Android heaven

South Korea

Yesterday, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt unveiled that 1.3 M Android devices are being activated globally every day. That brings the total Android user base to around 480 M. But where in the world is Android the most popular? Let’s find out.

Android is the worldwide number 1 mobile OS for web browsing

Worldwide, in August, Android accounted for 28.21% of mobile web browsing, ahead of iOS at 24.48%, according to StatCounter. Digging through the numbers, we found that Android was the dominating OS for mobile web browsing in 23 countries.

Here is a list of the countries where Android had 50% or more usage share of mobile web browsing:


As you can see, not only is South Korea a country with incredibly fast Internet broadband speeds, it is also heaven for Android users. In South Korea, 87.2% of mobile web browsing in August was done with an Android-powered smartphone. That’s just ahead of Myanmar, where the corresponding number was 84.5%. The rest of the list is made up of countries from all over the world.

As a comparison, Android accounted for 40.85% of mobile web browsing in the United States during August.

Note that this doesn’t say anything about the number of Android users in different countries, just the percentage of mobile web access originating from the platform.

As an interesting sidenote, Android actually scored about 71% mobile web browsing usage share in North Korea in August, but that was only out of 28 mobile web page views. We think it’s fair to say that that sample size makes drawing any solid conclusions from the data rather shaky :)

Android is on a roll

That South Korea, home of Samsung, is such a hotbed of Android activity doesn’t come as a surprise, but just how dominating it is, at least in terms of mobile web browsing, is impressive. And across the world, the way Android has taken off in just a few short years has arguably surprised many, including Google.

As Android climbs in sales and usage in the larger markets around the world, such as China and the United States, we will, for sure, see more interesting things develop. In the mean time, we have a few days left until Apple is expected to unleash its iPhone 5.

Image (top) via Shutterstock.


And Gangnam style-heaven! ;)

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LG & Samsung ^^!.

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@elegwance 스마트폰 3천만대중에 ios가 350만대정도니깐 ㅎ

Well what do you expect? South Korea is Samsung’s home!

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Yes Korea is Samsung home it take advantage of it

Samsung is just king in it own era