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Halloween pumpkins any geek would be proud of

geek pumpkins

If you’re going to carve a pumpkin today, you might be looking for some inspiration. To help you out, we’ve collected a range of pumpkins carved with various geeky themes. There’s, Windows, Super Mario, Tux, CSS, Twitter, and more.

We did a similar article four years ago, so we thought it was about time we returned to the subject and found some more geeky pumpkins to inspire you for Halloween. Happy Halloween!

Reddit pumpkin

reddit pumpkin
Image credit.

Creative Commons pumpkin

cc pumpkin
Image credit.

CSS pumpkin

css pumpkin
Image credit.

Death Star pumpkin

death star pumpkin
Image credit.

Smiley pumpkin

smilie pumpkin
Image credit.

Super Mario pumpkin

super mario pumpkin
Image credit.

Tux pumpkin

tux pumpkin
Image credit.

Twitter pumpkin

twitter pumpkin
Image credit.

Ubuntu pumpkin

ubuntu pumpkin
Image credit.

Windows 7 pumpkin

windows 7 pumpkin
Image credit.

Xbox pumpkin

xbox pumpkin
Image credit.

Happy Halloween

We hope that gave you some inspiration for your pumpkin-carving today. If you come up with some exciting and geeky creations, why not share with us, we’d love to see what you have created.

And if you need some help with the actual carving, here’s the Swedish Chef with some tips :)

Image (top) via Shutterstock.


Happy halloween!

You confused Android with Reddit;)

Thr first one should be called “Reddit” pumpkin and not “Android”. Great post though!

@Christoph Wagner Fixed. We had an Android in there earlier, thus some confusion. Thanks for letting us know :)

A great Site I found for Pumpkin carving patterns is
Lots of Geeky things. LOL