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Hong Kong has the fastest broadband in the world at 49.2 Mbps


If you want the fastest Internet connection right now, at least the fastest possible average connection, you should move to Hong Kong. With an average peak connection speed of 49.2 Mbps, Hong Kong is a few megabits per second faster than South Korea in the number two spot. This is all according to Akamai’s State Of The Internet report for Q2 2012.

World average broadband speed is 16.1 Mbps

The good news for all corners of the globe is that the world average peak connection speed has increased by 19% compared to the previous quarter. On an annual basis, the increase was a substantial 44%. We put together a chart showing how speeds have developed since 2007 for the 10 countries that currently have the fastest average peak connection speed:

internet broadband speed

Here are some key takeaways from the latest report:

  • Despite a slight decline from the previous quarter, for both Hong Kong and South Korea, the two are in a league of their own.
  • Japan, in third place, comes in about 6 Mbps behind number two South Korea.
  • Five out of the top 10 countries saw the average peak connection speed increase compared to the previous quarter, up on average 1.96%.
  • The global average increased by 19% quarter-over-quarter, which would seem to indicate that most of the growth in faster Internet connections was seen outside the top 10 countries.
  • 54 countries across the world saw a quarterly decline in average peak connection speeds.
  • The largest quarterly loss struck Oman, with a 27% loss to 5.5 Mbps. On a yearly basis, Oman experienced a 54% drop.
  • 79 countries globally saw average peak connection speeds increase quarter-over-quarter.
  • The largest increase was seen in Kenya, which grew 161% to 7.2 Mbps. On an annual basis, Kenya saw an increase of 216%.
  • On a yearly basis, all top 10 countries plus the United States, saw a growth in average peak speeds.
  • In total, 126 countries around the globe saw year-over-year increases in average peak connection speeds.

Broadband speeds keep increasing

Regardless of which country you live in, one piece of good news we can gather from this is that broadband speeds around the world keep increasing. In addition, that the bulk of the growth happens outside the top 10 countries should be a good sign for the future.

This was a look at the state of fixed broadband connections, but we know that it’s in the mobile sphere things are really happening. But that’s an article for another day.

Image (top) via Shutterstock.