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Archive for January, 2013

asia internet speeds

It should come as no surprise that the world’s fastest Internet connection speeds can be found in Asia, with Hong Kong offering an impressive 54.1 Mbps, the fastest in the world. But would you believe us if we said that the world’s slowest connection speeds can also be found in Asia? How is that possible, you ask? Read on for all the numbers.

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pingdom company of the year

Pingdom was given the honor of being named “Company of the Year” for 2012 by Västerås Science Park, in competition with over 200 local companies.

“We are very happy to receive this award. It gives us all a sense of being on the right path. It’s in recognition of the both hard and smart work we put in,” said Sam Nurmi founder and CEO of Pingdom.

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zapier pingdom integration

There are many web services that can extend the functionality of your Pingdom account in different ways, and now there’s one more. With Zapier, you can connect your Pingdom account to more than 100 web services. In fact, Zapier lists almost 200 services in total, which you can use to automate your digital life.

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Atari proves you can’t live on Pong alone

atari logoThe classic video game manufacturer Atari filed for bankruptcy last Monday, the 21th of January. Why should we care, you might wonder? We should care because of what Atari did for arcades and video games in the 70s and early 80s.

To pay homage to gaming history in general and Atari, in particular, we bring you some interesting, funny, and whacky facts from the history of the company.

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Current improvements to our infrastructure

As you most likely know, we recently experienced two outages. This post is an update on what we are currently doing to avoid this from happening again and also what we will be doing next.

To make it clear, we already had redundancy in software, machines and network, which were to take over if anything went wrong with our system. Unfortunately, this didn’t work as expected since our issue was one step further down in the chain.

The issue we have been facing is related to our virtualized infrastructure and the storage systems that it uses. So this is what our entire team is focusing on in our short term and upcoming fixes.

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Pingdom Transaction Monitor Q&A

Last week we launched the Pingdom Transaction Monitor, a new type of website monitoring check, which lets you keep an eye on complex, multi-step user interactions on your websites. As a part of the launch, we held a live broadcast with some of the guys that have built the Transaction Monitor, explaining further what it can do, and taking questions from you.

In case you missed that live broadcast, here is the video of that session.

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In regard to the recent outages

In less than a week, we’ve experienced two outages. In fact, these two outages combined have been the worst since the company was founded in 2007.

We wanted to take this opportunity to give you an update on the situation and tell you where we go from here. The current status is that all our core websites and services are up and running as they should. This includes the monitoring you have set up of your websites, alerts, our API etc.

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Internet 2012 in numbers

There is so much happening on the Internet during a year that it’s impossible to capture it all in a blog post, but we’re going to give it a shot anyway. How many emails were sent during 2012? How many domains are there? What’s the most popular web browser? How many Internet users are there? These are some of the questions we’ll answer for you.

To bring you these answers, we’ve gone to the ends of the web – wherever that is – and back again, and compiled a list of truly fascinating facts about the year that was. Some of the numbers are snapshots taken during the year, others cover the entire period. Either way, they all contribute to giving us a better understanding of Internet in 2012. Enjoy!

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Today we’ve released the brand new Transaction Monitor feature to all Pingdom customers. This new check type is immediately available in your control panel.

With a Transaction Monitor check, you can make sure that multi-step user interactions on your websites are working as they should. Since more and more websites depend on multiple web pages and scripts working together, it is not always enough to monitor individual resources.

Simply put, with the Transaction Monitor, you define a series of interactions to be performed on your website. Pingdom then performs these at a regular interval using a web browser, just as if a person was visiting the site.

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Västerås, Sweden ― January 14, 2013 ― Pingdom, a leading global provider of website uptime and performance monitoring services, today announced the Pingdom Transaction Monitor, a new type of website monitoring check. With the new check type, Pingdom customers can define multi-step actions that should be performed on their website, such as searching or filling out a form. A web browser then performs these actions at a regular interval, just like a real user, to make sure that important functions on their site are working, and that they’re working fast.

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