Pingdom’s weekend must-read articles #39

This is our collection of must-read articles about web performance, dev, ops, and more for the weekend.

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  1. Great articles, but if there’s still something you need to learn about the web, it’s not to hijack events to do something they’re not supposed to do. When I middle-click on one of the links on that page, instead of doing what it should (open in a new tab), the click gets hijacked and is then processed like a left-click. You may have added special handling for CTRL+left click, since that works as expected, but the better option would be to just leave events alone. Who knows, maybe someone is running an exotic OS, or has reconfigured their system to work the way they wanted it to work, that is different from the defaults.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Janne. As far as we know there’s nothing on that site that should cause that, but we’ll certainly look into it.

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