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Pingdom’s weekend must-read articles #41

web performance devops

This is our collection of must-read articles about web performance, dev, ops, and more for the weekend.

This week’s suggested reading

  • Speed geek’s guide to Facebook buttons: Stoyan Stefanov brings us ideas for “How to help your users share your content on Facebook and not hurt performance”.
  • Are we optimizing our images like cavemen? Joshua Bixby claims: “Years from now, developers will look back on how we use images today and have a good laugh at our expense. How we handle images now is the equivalent of caveman drilling holes in skulls to release demons.”
  • DevOps @ Nokia Entertainment: John Clapham tells us a story about devops at Nokia’s Entertainment division, based in Bristol, UK.
  • Website monitoring and iteration: In the last post in his web governance series, Paul Boag argues that a truly successful site relies on continual monitoring and iteration.
  • Do you have 100% uptime?: Jason Cohen writes about some recent downtime among well-known WordPress hosting providers.
  • Storyboarding in the Software Design Process: Ambrose Little writes about the value of using storyboards in software design, and Indigo Studio, a new interaction design tool that provides integrated storyboards with extensive rapid, code-free prototyping capabilities.
  • Agile DevOps: Breaking down silos: Breaking down the traditional organizational silos of old-world software development is the critical driver for maximum efficiency and innovation, according to Paul Duvall.
  • Netflix Queue: Data migration for a high volume web application: An overview of the data migration technique Netflix used to migrate the user’s queue data between two different distributed NoSQL storage systems.
  • Accurate workload design for web performance evaluation: This is a PhD dissertation, which means you probably won’t finish it over the weekend, but keep it in your list of things you should read when you have the time.

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