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Pingdom’s must-read articles #43

web performance
SUMMARY: Load balancing, distributed systems, effective devops: just a sample of what's in this week's collection by @Pingdom Tweet this

This is our collection of must-read articles about web performance, dev, ops, and more for the weekend.

This week’s suggested reading

  • Akamai IO – Going Global: Guy Podjarny announces that Akamai is now using a new data stream, based on traffic from most Akamai customers, for its Internet Observatory service. This means that a much more global distribution is reflected in the data.
  • Notes on Distributed Systems for Young Bloods: Jeff Hodges presents a list of some lessons he’s learned as a distributed systems engineer that he feels are worth being told to a new engineer.
  • Load balancing without load balancers: CloudFlare details its architecture, which starts with an assumption: failure is going to happen.
  • Netflix launches global ISP speed index website: Netflix has unveiled its Global Speed Index website, which aggregates performance results from 33 million worldwide subscribers in one place.
  • How We Refactored Cube to Terabyte Scale: Philip Kromer from Infochimps presents how it recently refactored cube (a MongoDB-backed real time metrics dashboard by Square) to handle nearly a billion requests per day on a single node.
  • Top 10 Practices for Effective DevOps: Scott Ambler lists 10 emerging core of best practices that further the devops goals of enhanced collaboration to produce better software.
  • Interview with Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw: Maxis explains what went wrong with the SimCity launch and what the developer is doing to fix it.
  • How We Went from 30 Servers to 2: Go: rewrote its IronWorker, a scalable task queue originally developed in Ruby and Rails, in Go, and drastically reduced its need for servers.

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