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Pingdom’s must-read articles #45

web performance
SUMMARY: Chrome OS, scaling, web and mobile performance: just a sample of what's in this week's collection by @Pingdom Tweet this

This is our collection of must-read articles about web performance, dev, ops, and more for the weekend.

This week’s suggested reading

  • Measuring web performance: A presentation by Dave Olsen at the recent RWD summit. It covers the tools that can help you understand, measure and improve the web performance of your web sites and applications, as well as how new server-side techniques might help us optimize our front-end performance.
  • Amazon S3 – Two Trillion Objects, 1.1 Million Requests / Second: Amazon S3 keeps on growing.
  • Is the web getting faster? Based on the Site Speed reports in Google Analytics and following up on a study last year, this new study attempts to determine whether improvements in technology are making the web faster.
  • Scaling Pinterest – From 0 To 10s Of Billions Of Page Views A Month In Two Years: Pinterest has gone from 0 to 10s of billions of page views a month in two years, from 2 founders and one engineer to over 40 engineers, from one little MySQL server to 180 Web Engines, 240 API Engines, 88 MySQL DBs (cc2.8xlarge) + 1 slave each, 110 Redis Instances, and 200 Memcache Instances.
  • Routing and web performance on Heroku: a FAQ: Adam Wiggins, cofounder and CEO of Heroku, answers questions about its HTTP router, in the aftermath of recent criticism.
  • An engineer’s take on Chrome OS: Jeremy Grosser recently switched to a Chromebook and here he tells us all about his experience so far.
  • How I improved the speed of my mobile app by over 1000%: Jeremy Morgan tells the tale of how he improved the performance of his Android app FireCom.

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