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Archive for May, 2013

1960s computer ads created by the real Mad Men

computer-ads-iconThe world of computing was very different back in the 1960s. For one, there were not that many computers around. The Digital computer census for April 1962 tallied only “14,000 installations of digital computers” in the U.S. So the computers were few but they certainly weren’t small, as you can see in these computer ads from around 50 years ago.

Having looked at hundreds of ads working on this article, we can’t help but feel that the computer industry back then really could have used Don Draper and his Mad Men (and women). At least some of these ads would probably have turned out quite differently if Don was involved. What do you think?

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born to hackAt Pingdom we love the web and our quest is to make it faster and more reliable. This is something we want to share with others and yesterday this passion took us to the first Web Performance Meetup in Stockholm.

It was a great evening with presentations about the worst performing websites in Sweden, Real User Monitoring (RUM), and more. We already look forward to the next meetup, and here’s a quick roundup of what happened yesterday.

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world-internetImagine this scenario: You have just received an alert that your site is down and you log in to your Pingdom account to figure out what’s up (or down, in most cases). There you can see that your site is still down, and you now need to figure out what’s gone wrong.

Fear not, because that’s where the Root Cause Analysis comes in. It offers a set of diagnostic tools, which can help you figure out what caused an outage. In this article, we show you where you can find the Root Cause Analysis, and how to use it.

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monitor websites pingdom widget status boardYou have to look hard for a company that makes cooler software than Panic. At least if you’re a Mac user, titles like Coda, Prompt, and Transmit should ring a bell.

Panic’s latest app is Status Board. It turns your iPad into a highly customizable dashboard. There are many widgets that come with the app, including a clock, a calendar, email, Twitter, RSS, and more.

We’ve seen this before, but there’s a twist: you can also make your own widgets for Status Board. Using the Do-It-Yourself widget we created a very simple example of how you can display the status of your Pingdom checks in your very own widget on your iPad.

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javascriptIf you are a web developer, you should definitely check out jsDelivr and JSter.

JSter is a catalog of over 1,100 JavaScript libraries and tools for web development, where users can rate contributions, and share their experience with others. jsDelivr is a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) where any web developer can host their files, including CSS, fonts, JavaScript, jQuery plugins, etc. Currently almost 600 projects are hosted on jsDelivr.

To find out more about these two projects, we interviewed Dmitriy Akulov (representing jsDelivr) and Juho Vepsäläinen (representing JSter).

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Pingdom’s must-read articles #48

web performanceHere is the latest collection of must-read articles for the weekend. We regularly publish these lists with what we hope is useful and interesting content for you. The topics vary but we try to include website monitoring, web performance, devops, and more.

This week we have selected articles on autmating web performance optimization, fallback for when CDNs fail, programming language popularity, and more.

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People in South Korea really love onshore web hosting

web hosting pingdomWhere is your website hosted – in the country where you live or somewhere else? Regardless of where you live, chances are pretty good your site is hosted in the United States. According to a recent study, 42% of the world’s top 1 million sites are hosted in the U.S.

But what percentage of sites with a given country code top-level (ccTLD) domain, such as .se for Sweden or .jp for Japan, are hosted in that particular country? As it turns out, people in Germany, South Korea, and Vietnam are the most likely to choose homegrown web hosting.

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real user monitoringWith Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) service, you can know exactly how your visitors experience your website. It gives you insight into your website’s performance and helps you answer questions like, how does your website really perform from a specific country, device, or web browser.

Today we’re releasing a simple tool with which you can display the real user performance of any website, not just the ones you monitor. Think of it as a sample of what the full Real User Monitoring service can do.

The Real User Monitoring bookmarklet is free and easy to install. Here’s what it does and how to get started.

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tags tagging pingdomOne of the objectives we had when creating the Team plan, which we introduced recently, was to offer more to customers with considerable website monitoring needs. The Team plan includes more checks, more page views for Real User Monitoring, and more functionality.

Something unique to the Team plan is tagging of checks. By adding tags to your checks, you can organize and sort your checks in new ways. You can also get additional information about the site or server that the check monitors. Let’s have a look at how tags can help you manage your Pingdom account.

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Pingdom’s must-read articles #47

pingdom web performance

This is our collection of must-read articles about web performance, dev, ops, and more for the weekend.

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