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Pingdom’s must-read articles #52

web performance
SUMMARY: Amazon AWS, Chromium, Evernote and Graphite, usability tools, and more in this collection by @Pingdom Tweet this

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? Hopefully you find some time to read through this varied mix of articles consisting of Amazon AWS, Chromium, Evernote and Graphite, usability tools, and more.

This week’s suggested reading

  • Graphite at Evernote: The Evernote operations team describes how it uses Graphite and shows of some customizations it has developed (which they promise will be released as open source).
  • Amazon Web Services: Size, profit, distribution, and efficiency: This is an interesting infographic showing how big Amazon Web Services is in market share, usage, storage, money, and more.
  • When the UI is too fast: Jakob Nielsen claims that “users might overlook things that change too fast—and even when they do notice, changeable screen elements are harder to understand in a limited timeframe.”
  • Introducing the (new) Chromium web platform feature dashboard: Google has revealed an updated version of the website.
  • The web performance I want: Mike Loukides presents what he thinks is a worrying trend in web performance today.
  • 21 (mostly) free web usability tools you can’t do without: A post on the Crazy Egg blog, which suggests 21 tools that you can use to test and develop the usability of your website, including the Pingdom Full Page Test.
  • The dConstruct 2012 website: Jeremy Keith talks about how the dConstruct 2013 website was designed and put together. In case you missed it, we interviewed Jeremy last year about web performance.

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