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Pingdom’s must-read articles #53

web performance
SUMMARY: Another great selection by @pingdom of articles about web performance and the Internet, and technology in general. Tweet this

Every week we bring you a selection of fresh articles from around the web that we think you should consider having a read through. Here’s another fresh mix of articles. Hopefully you find something interesting and useful.

This week’s suggested reading

  • zPerfmon – Zynga’s server performance analysis tool is now open: “50 million profiles and 100s of ways to view them. 150GB of data processed and 100 million rows inserted. Charts, reports, optimal counts, headroom computations, monitoring dashboards – that is 24 hours in the life of zPerfmon. And it all runs on one machine.”
  • Creating high-performance mobile websites: “We’ll demonstrate methods to identify how people interact with a website differently on mobile devices, and the design decisions that can be made based on this understanding. Our objective is not only to improve Web performance but to increase the client’s return on investment.”
  • Scaling Reddit from 1 million to 1 billion–pitfalls and lessons: Jeremy Edberg, currently the Reliability Architect for Netflix, shares his experience from when he worked at Reddit.
  • How TCP/IP eclipsed the Open Systems Interconnection standards to become the global protocol for computer networking: “If everything had gone according to plan, the Internet as we know it would never have sprung up. That plan, devised 35 years ago, instead would have created a comprehensive set of standards for computer networks called Open Systems Interconnection, or OSI.” As we know, that didn’t happen.
  • The future of programming: A talk given by Bret Victor at the recent Dropbox DXB conference, plus a long list of further resources.

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