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Invite to Pingdom webinar – What a Pingdom account can do for you

SUMMARY: Are you curious about what a Pingdom account can do for you? We have just the webinar for you. Register today! Tweet this

Are you curious about what a Pingdom account can do for you? Or do you want to further your knowledge of the importance of monitoring your websites and servers?

Then we have an exciting webinar for you. There is so much more to Pingdom than meets the eye and this is a golden opportunity to find out what and how.

Join us for a free webinar on September 4.

There is no requirement that you already have a Pingdom account, but if you don’t, you can get one here.

During our 30 minute session we will cover how to:

  • Increase revenue with website monitoring.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with website performance.
  • Monitor crucial website interactions such as logging in, searching, registering, etc.

There will also be time at the webinar for you to ask questions of members of the Pingdom team.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday September 4, 2013. Registration is free and we have three slots available:

  • 10:00 CEST (convert to your time zone) – Register here
  • 16:00 CEST – 10am EDT (convert to your time zone) – Register here
  • 19:00 CEST – 10am PDT (convert to your time zone) – Register here

As an exclusive offer, we are giving participants in this webinar an amazing offer on a Pingdom plan subscription.


First link seems to be wrong, points to the same webinar as the last link.

pingdom at what time will you have another webminar (today)?

Are there any plans to do a more advanced webinar?