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Pingdom’s must-read articles #56

web performance
SUMMARY: Another selection by @pingdom of articles about web performance and the Internet, and technology in general. Tweet this

Every week we bring you a set of fresh articles from around the web that we think you should consider having a read through. Here’s this week’s selection. Hopefully you find something interesting and useful.

This week’s suggested reading

  • Homegrown DevOps tools at Stack Exchange: To get exactly the tools they want, the team at Stack Exchange has created a few tools themselves.
  • Interview with the Github Elasticsearch Team: A transcript of an interview with Tim Pease and Grant Rodgers of Github.
  • That wibbly wobbly real-timey wimey stuff: The realtime magic behind Moot and how they deliver all your instant notifications.
  • Scaling at Dropbox: Rajiv Eranki, previously head of server engineering at Dropbox, shares the pains and lessons learned scaling up Dropbox from a few thousands to tens of millions of users.
  • Web performance 2.0: Gorka Molero gives us a rather extensive rundown of web performance aspects of responsive design.

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