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Pingdom is heading to Webbdagarna in Gothenburg

SUMMARY: If you happen to be at #webbdagarna, look out for people in @Pingdom shirts – make sure you come up and say hi Tweet this

Today, the Pingdom team is heading to Webbdagarna (it means The Web Days in Swedish) in Gothenburg. It’s an ongoing series of two-day conferences that take place in multiple cities around Sweden every year. This time the theme of Webbdagarna is “do it yourself.”

By the looks of it, there is a wide range of what must be very exciting sessions on offer. Both days there are also more specialized tracks, which attendees can choose from. Some of the topics covered during Webbdagarna include branding, digital disruption, ecommerce, web design, and web strategy.

But what’s your story? What is it that you’re looking forward to the most if you are also going to Webbdagarna? Let us know!

If you want to arrange to meet us in advance, or if you’re just trying to get a hold of us at Webbdagarna, call us on +46763119719 or send us an email. Of course, you can also reach us on Twitter.


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