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Pingdom’s must-read articles #60

pingdom web performance
SUMMARY: Another selection by @pingdom of articles about web performance, the Internet, and technology in general. Tweet this

In this ongoing series of blog posts, we bring you a set of articles from around the web that we think you should consider having a read through. Here’s this week’s selection. Hopefully you find something interesting and useful.

This week’s suggested reading

  • Prebrowsing: Steve Souders asks: “What if it anticipated the requests the user was going to need, and could complete those requests ahead of time?”
  • Truly responsive images with responsive-images.js: Koen Vendrik presents responsive-images.js, “a simple and lightweight javascript plugin for responsive image replacement.”
  • Application resilience engineering and operations at Netflix with Hystrix: A session from JavaOne in which you “learn how the Netflix API achieves fault tolerance in a distributed architecture while depending on dozens of systems that can fail at any time while serving more than two billion Web service calls each day to 800+ different devices.”
  • Visualizing performance for a faster, stronger web: Rob Peters presentation from Velocity in New York about how visualization can help detect bugs, and ultimately, improve performance.
  • Caching tutorial for web authors and webmasters: Mark Nottingham at Akamai attempts to make the concepts involved understandable and applicable in real-world situations.
  • The server-side of responsive design (slides): A talk by Dave Olsen at the Breaking Development conference.
  • Traffic Spotlight: OS X 10.9 Mavericks: Sandvine takes a look at internet traffic just after Apple released its latest version of OS X.

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