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Pingdom’s must-read articles #61

SUMMARY: Another selection by @pingdom of articles about web performance, the Internet, and technology in general. Tweet this

In this ongoing series of blog posts, we bring you a set of articles from around the web that we think you should consider having a read through. Here’s this week’s selection. Hopefully you find something interesting and useful.

This week’s suggested reading

  • 25 HTML5 speed tips: Microsoft’s Jatinder Mann shares 25 top tips for high performance web apps.
  • The tech stack behind Keen IO’s analytics backend service: Interview with Josh Dzielak at Keen IO about their stack and what their engineering workflow looks like.
  • What it takes to run Stack Overflow: Nick Craver details the architecture behind the Stack Overflow site.
  • How HipChat scales to 1 billion messages: Zuhaib Siddique, engineer at HipChat, explains how it uses CouchDB, ElasticSearch, and Redis to handle the site’s load.
  • How Amazon is building substations, laying fiber and generally doing everything to keep cloud costs down: At the recent AWS re:Invent event Amazon Web Services VP James Hamilton described how it keep its costs as low as possible.
  • How a small team scales Instagram: Mike Krieger discusses Instagram’s best and worst infrastructure decisions, building and deploying scalable and extensible services.

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