#whatdoyoucheck Contest Results and NEW Contest Details

#WhatDoYouCheck Winners

Our first Pingdom contest — #WhatDoYouCheck was a huge success! Thank you to all those who participated. Now for the winners…drum roll please!

Congratulations to our MacBook winner, Mark, and our five $100 Amazon Gift Card winners, Ryan, Jim, Jonathan, Donald and Yehuda!

macbook winner small

Didn’t win or missed out on the chance to participate? Don’t worry! The contests don’t stop here. Continue reading and checking Royal Pingdom for more chances to win BIG!

What’s next with #WhatDoYouCheck

We recently posted a blog about cool things you can do with custom checks and got some really good feedback on all of the creative things you can do with “just a little bit of code”. So here at Pingdom, we got to brainstorming on how we could find out what other people do and how to make it fun. Starting today, we are accepting 500-800 word blog post submissions describing your most unique custom check you’ve set up with Pingdom.

We will be collecting blogs at contests@pingdom.com until the end of September. We will pick our favorite blog to be featured on Royal Pingdom AND film a video based on the custom check story – check out our #whatdoyoucheck episode 1 & 2 – your check could be episode 3!

Writers Block?

It could be about that one time you got concert tickets even though they sold out in 5 minutes, how you monitored your broadband connection to make sure your service provider was sticking to their word, checking that a website is allowing itself to be indexed by search engines, or even that time you set up a check to water your tomatoes twice a day! You’ve got this – get to writing and submit your blog to contests@pingdom.com.


Please use the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
See terms and conditions for US, UK, and Canada, Germany, and Sweden. Good luck!


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