A day in the life of going viral!

Since June, Pingdom has been running the #whatdoyoucheck blog contest to learn more about the creative checks our users have come up with (1st #whatdoyoucheck blog post: Using Pingdom to measure your teams happiness!) We decided to leverage our Twitter following of 98k to help spread the word by offering a free Pingdom T-shirt for everyone who retweeted our post promoting this blog contest.

To be completely honest, we were not overwhelmed by the amount of retweets during the first 3 weeks, we hadn’t even picked a design or placed a t-shirt order. When our designer finally came back with a t-shirt design we all agreed on, our intern quickly posted it to twitter as our last attempt to get this contest to pick up some traction…



When we all returned from lunch that Tuesday afternoon, we suddenly heard our intern screech and fall out of her chair.


Pingdom’s Sprout Social account went from 0 to +2,000 items in our inbox in less than an hour (and did not slow down for hours). It turns out our tweet was posted to Reddit’s Freebie page.  In no time at all people from all over the world were retweeting our message in order to receive a free t-shirt.

Retweets During the Blow Up


Going viral was by far the most exciting and exhausting work week in the Pingdom office. We gained over 7,000 new followers, +6000 Retweet, +4,000 mentions in 24 hours!  The Pingdom team was working around the clock to answer everyone’s tweets and messages as quickly as possible.

Graph of Blow Up

Fast forward 2 weeks, we finally finished DMing all of the retweets with the survey to submit your shirt size and address. We quickly started the intimidating t-shirt ordering and fulfillment process for +5,000 t-shirts requests. Thanks to Proforma for managing, creating, and shipping our ridiculous amount of t-shirt orders in record time!

#WDYC Shirts 4#WDYC Shirts 7#WDYC Shirts 3

In case you too want to go viral…

How does one go viral?  You cannot plan for it.  It happens when you’re least expecting.

How does this success feel? Overwhelmed, relieved and then excited to do it all over again!

Lessons learned: People LOVE free t- shirts

Thank you to everyone who helped make this contest a success!  Continue sending your blog submissions to contests@pingdom.com until the end of September.  Our favorite blogs to be featured on Royal Pingdom AND film a video based on the custom check story – check out our #whatdoyoucheck episode 1 & episode 2 – your check could be episode 3!

Finally, don’t forget to tweet us a picture of you in your #whatdoyoucheck t-shirt and keep reading Royal Pingdom for more fun contests to come!

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