Awaken Your Web Application Stack


Awaken Your Web Application Stack

Mobile and cloud applications are changing the way organizations do business. Think about how Amazon and AWS, Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix are disrupting existing service providers and their traditional markets. The one constant among those companies, within their respective industries, is their application.

These apps are born in the cloud and consumed by mobile devices. They epitomize frictionless consumption—one that allows continuous service delivery to and consumption by anyone from anywhere at any time. Other businesses have taken notice, and are trying to capitalize on this movement by imitating the DevOps movement by developing and realizing competitive differentiation in their own applications.

If your Web app is slow, your business is a no go

Uber suggests that you have to make magic every time someone engages with your application. Therefore, in the ubiquitous computing, instant-gratification world that we live in, any slowdown in application performance is the surest way to kill any chance that your application has at being successful.

Let’s examine the layers of slowness for a cloud-native Web application. Bottlenecks can occur either in the Web application stack or the network stack. To quickly surface the single point of truth, DevOps engineers and IT operations professionals need proper tools to walk the path from dev to ops and from ops to dev.

From the dev to ops side, that tool needs to allow baseline testing with synthetic transactions against the Web application. From the ops to dev side, that tool needs to monitor and reveal any potential latency or bandwidth bottlenecks in the network hops.

The end goal is clear—keep the Web application lean, agile, and secure. Proper tools are the only means of awakening the full disruptive force of your Web applications.


Written by guest blogger Kong Yang.  

Kong Yang is a Head Geek of the Virtualization and Cloud Practice at SolarWinds with over 20 years of IT experience specializing in virtualization and cloud management. He is a VMware vExpert™, Cisco® Champion, and active contributing thought leader within the virtualization and cloud communities.

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