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Google is testing a Slow label right now and it appears to be visible to some mobile Android users. It clearly signals that Google is taking web performance seriously, especially mobile. Site owners would be wise to identify performance problem areas by getting actual visibility into how actual users view their pages. We recommend using Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring.

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Pingdom is joining SolarWinds

We can’t wait to show you all the ideas we have for taking monitoring to the next level. This means not only continuing to scale the service, but also expanding our product portfolio.

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An update and a follow-up to the BeepManager launch

Since launching we have been really busy listening to the feedback from our customers. And in retrospect we could have done some things better, and we are sorry for the sudden and big change this has been for you.

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Pingdom 2013 year in review

Pingdom 2013 - The Year in ReviewIt’s been an amazing year for Pingdom, and we’ve done so many cool things and had a blast while doing them. To celebrate 2013 we put together a fun website where we highlight interesting milestones, statistics and facts about our year.

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CSUMB-LogoIn a recent blog post, Kevin Miller, Web Programming Specialist at California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), mentioned how they monitor their various web services, including how they use Pingdom to keep things running. We took some time to talk to Kevin to find out more about CSUMB, their online services, and how they use Pingdom website monitoring.

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Powerful command line tools for network administrators

command line pingdomWhen it comes to taking care of our networking infrastructure here at Pingdom, the DevOps team works with a wide range of hardware and software tools.

With this article, we want to give you some suggestions for command line tools and utilities that are a common part of our toolbox. We have tried to make a varied selection so that there is hopefully something in here that you find useful in your daily admin work.

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