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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

A Video of Our Trip to California

A few weeks ago, nine of us got on a plane and travelled to California. We attended the always awesome Velocity Conference in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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Velocity Conference Day 2

An amazing second day at Velocity Conference in Santa Clara, California. We asked some of the attendees about what they hoped to learn at the conference, and what they found most interesting.

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What did you most enjoy about day 1 at Velocity Conference?

We asked attendees at the Velocity Conference in Santa Clara “What did you most enjoy about day 1?”. Here’s a recap of the first day in just 2 minutes.

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Pingdom Transaction Monitor Q&A

Last week we launched the Pingdom Transaction Monitor, a new type of website monitoring check, which lets you keep an eye on complex, multi-step user interactions on your websites. As a part of the launch, we held a live broadcast with some of the guys that have built the Transaction Monitor, explaining further what it can do, and taking questions from you.

In case you missed that live broadcast, here is the video of that session.

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Today we go live with the Pingdom Real User Monitoring beta

Today, we take another important step on our quest for making the web faster and more reliable by going live with the Pingdom Real User Monitoring beta program. After we announced that we were working on our RUM service, the response from you guys has been tremendous, and we’re delighted that so many of you want to try it out and be a part of shaping it.

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Testing new credit card input design (video)

credit card input designWe always strive to make our products as easy as possible for our customers to use. That even includes such seemingly mundane things like input of credit card details.

For a short while now we’ve been testing new input functionality and design for credit card payments. One of the new features is that when the customer types in the credit card number, it will automatically switch to the correct type of card.

Check out this video for a bit of the background and a quick demo of what the new design looks like.

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Announcing the Pingdom Transaction Monitor beta

Pingdom Transaction Monitor betaThe web is getting more complex by the day. Visitors to your websites want to put things in a shopping cart, create accounts and log in, fill in forms, and more. Most of these important activities require a complex sequence of pages and scripts, working together to accomplish the desired outcome.

This means that not only do you want to make sure your website is up, you also want to make sure that important website functionality is working.

Today, we’re announcing a beta program for a new tool we’re developing, which will help you tackle some of this increasing complexity. With the Pingdom Transaction Monitor, we want to enable you, our customers, to monitor such transactions to see that they are doing what they should.

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