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wwdc pingdomToday Apple updated its WWDC page announcing that tickets to the annual developer event will go on sale tomorrow, April 25, at 10 a.m. PDT. If you had Pingdom monitoring enabled for Apple’s page, you were likely among the first ones to know about this.

However, since Apple has apparently changed tactics this year, even if you monitored the page with our services, you may not necessarily be one of the first ones to get a ticket tomorrow.

All is not in vain, however. The same technique can be used for many other things.

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Pingdom notifier for Mac

AppleIt pays to combine your web service with a really good, well-documented and easy-to-use API. We’re finding this out first hand with our REST API. People keep doing cool things with it.

Services like Geckoboard have added Pingdom widgets, a UK developer recently made an excellent third-party Pingdom app for Windows Phone 7, and new things keep showing up.

Case in point:

Just over a week ago, a fellow Swede (Markus Liljedahl) released a neat little third-party Pingdom notifier for Mac.

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New! Desktop notifier for website downtime

Pingdom Desktop NotifierDo you have a website? Do you like knowing that it’s working ok? Pingdom exists for this very reason, to alert you when your site has downtime, so you can fix it. With this in mind we have released a new application that we call the Pingdom Desktop Notifier, which sits in your Windows system tray.

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When Apple introduced push notifications to the iPhone this summer, we immediately thought of what a great match it would be for our monitoring service. After all, the main point of the Pingdom uptime monitoring service is getting alerts when your website or server goes down.

So, when we started work on version 2.0 of our iPhone app, this was one of our top priorities. Now the new version is here, with push notifications, graphs, and more.

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Huh? Pingdom hot tub monitoring?

We ran across a very creative use of Pingdom monitoring the other day. Most people use Pingdom to monitor the status of websites and servers, but Eric Nagel uses our monitoring service to keep track of the temperature in his outdoor hot tub (complete with rubber ducky).

Keep reading to learn how he did it.

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Pingdom alerts on your desktop

The first application based on the Pingdom Web service API has been released. It’s an open-source Windows .NET application, developed by a Pingdom user, that shows up as an icon in the system tray (that one with all the icons down to your right). It shows the status of any Pingdom checks selected by the […]

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Prepare for the holiday shopaholics

Christmas will soon be here. Offices will be empty, with most people being at home, eating generous amounts of food and relaxing. But… Hold on… If everyone is at home, who is looking after your website and servers? With the office potentially being empty for several days, a crashed website would be a pretty lousy […]

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Monitor your order forms with Pingdom

Imagine that you run an online store (or perhaps you don’t have to imagine). Customers are pouring in and you are able to sell your merchandise 24/7, always open and always available. Then imagine that your order form stops working. The website works fine, but no one can place an order successfully. You are losing […]

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