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Pingdom is now an Internet Service Provider, sort of

Pingdom is one of the world’s fastest growing uptime and monitoring companies, measured by number of customers. In our ongoing effort to make the web faster and more reliable, we work proactively to improve our operations.

One such improvement is to register and become a LIR or Local Internet Registry, something pretty special. In fact, there are only 469 Local Internet Registries offering service in Sweden, where we at Pingdom operate from.

Let us explain what this means and how it will help us provide an even better service to our customers.

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DNS root server geography facts

The DNS root servers, the backbone for handling all domain name queries on the Internet, used to all be located in North America. Not anymore. Thanks to the anycast technology used by six of the root server adresses, the actual locations of the servers have been spread all over the world and their numbers increased […]

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