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We now monitor the world’s top 100 brands (updated)


We have in several articles recently written about how the top brands in the world are using social media, like Facebook and Twitter. That peaked our interest in these global giants so we decided to start following their web presence as well to see if there’s possibly more to find.

With Coca-Cola in the lead, followed by IBM, Microsoft, and Google, this is a list of some of the biggest companies in the world, and we think you will find it particularly interesting to follow how they perform online.

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Top brands surprisingly weak on Facebook and Twitter

Over the past few years, social networks have become a major communications channel for today’s brands and companies. That’s why it’s surprising to see that even now, in 2012, many of the world’s top brands have a relatively weak presence on both Twitter and Facebook.

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Creating our very own Pingdom hero – part 1

We want to create a Pingdom hero! Basically a company mascot, a superhero if you like, someone that fights for a fast web, a nirvana where sites load in a jiffy and there is no downtime. Timeouts, 500s, packet loss and other internet issues will be a thing of the past when he’s (and it’s most likely a he) in town.

Since we’ve not done anything like this before, we felt as we should share the process with you all. That includes all the ins and outs that go into creating a character, designing it, getting it manufactured, brought to you – our customers and readers, etc.

We want the process to be fun as well as educational, so hop aboard and let’s go.

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