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javascriptIf you are a web developer, you should definitely check out jsDelivr and JSter.

JSter is a catalog of over 1,100 JavaScript libraries and tools for web development, where users can rate contributions, and share their experience with others. jsDelivr is a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) where any web developer can host their files, including CSS, fonts, JavaScript, jQuery plugins, etc. Currently almost 600 projects are hosted on jsDelivr.

To find out more about these two projects, we interviewed Dmitriy Akulov (representing jsDelivr) and Juho Vepsäläinen (representing JSter).

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Report: Social network demographics in 2012

people social mashup

Do you know how old the average Twitter or Facebook user is? Do you know what share of Reddit’s users are women? We could go on and on; when it comes to social network demographics, the questions are endless. This article is going to answer those questions for you, showing you the age and gender distribution on 24 of today’s most popular social networks and online communities.

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MozillaToday, we want to highlight that it was 10 years ago, on June 5 in 2002, that version 1.0 of the open source Mozilla web browser suite was releasedblazing a path to the most recent Firefox.

The simple significance of this is that without Mozilla 1.0, Firefox may never have existed.

That makes today an important day in the history of the Internet in general, and the web in particular. In what seems like a lucky coincidence, Firefox 13 is officially released today, something that is no doubt welcome news for scores of users.

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Why an “Instagram for video” is unlikely to happen


Lately there’s been a tremendous amount of hype about the potential of an “Instagram for video” as the next big thing. However, there’s a fundamental problem that stands in the way of that. For lack of a better word, it’s the problem of scannability (yes, that’s probably a brand new word…).

Twitter can be scanned quickly. Tweets are bite-sized and take mere seconds for users to process. Instagram is pretty much Twitter for images, where entries can also be scanned in mere seconds. Sometimes it doesn’t even take that long.

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Google wants your help to make the Web faster

This week Google launched a new Web community on The goal is to help Web developers speed up their Web applications, but the long-term goal is even more ambitious; to work together to make the Web as a whole a lot faster.

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Myspace vs. Facebook – Trends and numbers

Myspace and Facebook are the two giants in the social network arena. We let them face off in three categories: the number of searches in Google, website traffic, and availability. All to see which one comes out on top. Website traffic How much traffic do they have? The answer is “a lot”. According to […]

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The 20 most expensive domain names and where they lead

That domain names have become big business isn’t news to anyone. It is often likened to a virtual real estate business where millions of dollars are at stake. We were curious to see how the most expensive domain names are actually being used today, so we decided to find out. Kate Donahue from Sedo was […]

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