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Posts Tagged ‘courier’

Courier, Kin, and Microsoft’s relentless failure to innovate

CourierMicrosoft finally admitted to the existence of its fabled dual-screen Courier tablet. But unfortunately for us, that admission only came after Gizmodo reported the project was dead. Despite being one of the more intriguing and innovative products to bear the Microsoft name in recent memory, the company couldn’t, or wouldn’t, follow through with it.

It’s an old complaint, but I think it’s the perfect time to revisit Microsoft’s innovation issues. Along with the death of the Courier, it also recently announced details on its new Kin phones – which I find disappointing for multiple reasons.

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Who needs tablet computers anyway?

Ask yourself this: “What would I use a tablet for?” Regardless of the recent drama surrounding the Crunchpad’s untimely end – and the disappointing Fusion Garage Joojoo tablet taking its place – it seems that the entire tech industry is ready to embrace tablets with open arms. There’s the never-ending hype about the possible Apple tablet, Microsoft Research’s Courier project, and netbook companies like Asus announcing they’re developing tablets in the coming year. We’re also seeing articles predicting 2010 as the year of the tablet, and others espousing why tablets signal the end of netbooks.

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It’s an exciting time for those looking forward to the rise of tablet computing devices: Not only are the rumors running rampant about Apple’s potential tablet, we’re also finally seeing what Microsoft is bringing to the table with their Courier project.

Even if the final products that hit stores aren’t exactly what we see today, it’s worth considering what these early stabs could represent for the future of tablet computing.

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