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Posts Tagged ‘domain-names’

Apple fumbles with

People trying to access Apple’s Mobile Me by going directly to the domain yesterday were met by a 404 HTTP error response and a white screen with a single text message on it: “Not Found: Resource does not exist.

Accessing worked, but anyone typing in or got the error page mentioned above and was not redirected to the login page (which is what is supposed to happen).

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Are one third of all domain names owned by speculators?

The domain name market is often likened to the real estate market, and a significant share of all domain names out there have been bought by people hoping to later sell them on for a greater price than what they paid for them.

The question is, how many of today’s domain names are actually held by domain name speculators?

Verisign is the registry handling the .com and .net top level domains, and they recently released statistics that can help us shed some light on this question.

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Owner of to get €1 million from Google?

As we mentioned last week, Google, in spite of already having launched their Knol website, doesn’t own the domain name It is owned by Dutchman Hilco Knol, who sells steam cleaning equipment on that URL. He hasn’t sold the domain name yet, but it seems like he has been approached by Google with a […]

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Google’s new Wikipedia-competitor, Knol, has made quite a splash lately. The strange thing is, Google doesn’t own the domain name It belongs to a Dutch company specialized in steam cleaning equipment. (Google’s Knol website is located at A burst of traffic to The website (i.e. the one not owned by Google) […]

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Google domain names – the funny, strange and surprising

Google owns a whole bunch of domain names other than the obvious ones like, and We here at Pingdom decided to find out which ones, with some truly surprising results. We only looked at .com domain names, and found thousands. Below are some of the more noteworthy .com domain names that Google […]

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We decided to analyze how five of the most talked-about web hosting companies have grown over the last few years. The results are really interesting. Since we didn’t have inside information about these companies, we looked at the number of domain names on their DNS servers, and how these numbers have changed over time (from […]

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The 20 most expensive domain names and where they lead

That domain names have become big business isn’t news to anyone. It is often likened to a virtual real estate business where millions of dollars are at stake. We were curious to see how the most expensive domain names are actually being used today, so we decided to find out. Kate Donahue from Sedo was […]

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Top 20 DNS server map shows US internet dominance

The US has long held a dominating position in the web hosting industry. One way to examine this is to look at which DNS servers hold the most domain names. It turns out that 16 of the 20 largest DNS servers in the world are located in the US. Aside from the US, only Germany […]

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Domain name price increase worth $186 million to Verisign

Verisign, the company that manages the .com TLD, has finally announced the first of their 7% price increases on .com domain names. On October 15, the price for a .com domain name will increase from $6 to $6.42. Their contract with ICANN allows Verisign four such price increases over six years. This will be the […]

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Lawsuits and downtime – The Registerfly saga continues

The Registerfly saga continues, and if possible just turned even uglier. Frustrated Registerfly customers are suing both Registerfly and ICANN. The website isn’t exactly performing great either, with over 20 hours of downtime in February and almost 10 hours so far in March according to GIGRIB. You can find the full GIGRIB uptime report […]

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