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Pingdom welcomes interaction designer Magnus Leo

interaction designer

Continuing a string of recent hires, we’re today very happy to welcome interaction designer Magnus Leo to the Pingdom team. We’re excited to find out what he really means when he says “I make things interactive.”

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Welcoming Markus Liljedahl as Pingdom’s latest frontend dev

Markus Liljedahl, backend dev Pingdom

Pingdom now welcomes another Born to Hack ninja to the team. Markus Liljedahl will be working with frontend development and quality assurance. His background in both networking and programming will serve him perfectly in his new job.

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Introducing John Karlsson, new designer at Pingdom

John Karlsson, designer at Pingdom

Today we’re very excited to welcome the latest addition to the Pingdom team, John Karlsson. He joins Pingdom as a designer, and he will put his experience and talents, focused on digital design, into working on Pingdom’s products and other projects.

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Johan Sköld, backend developer at Pingdom

Today we’re very excited to welcome another backend developer to the Pingdom team. Johan Sköld comes from Västerås, Sweden, where the Pingdom HQ is located. With his experience in performance-focused programming and “just get it done” attitude, he will be a great addition to the Pingdom team.

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Jakob Eriksson - new backend dev at Pingdom

Today we’re announcing that another great developer has joined the Pingdom team. Jakob Eriksson can juggle code with the best of them, and he’ll put his skills to use on backend development. Now, let’s get to know Jakob a bit better.

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Just last week we had the great pleasure of welcoming a new developer to Pingdom, and now it’s time for another one.

Filip Salomonsson has become one of us in the Pingdom team, bringing his considerable skills in coding, linguistics, and many other areas, to an already very diverse, creative, and dynamic group of kickass devs.

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Pingdom welcomes Erik Trangärd as frontend dev

Erik Trangärd, frontend dev at Pingdom

Today, Pingdom is proud to announce that we’ve added another great talent to our already amazing lineup of developers. Erik Trangärd will use his skills and experience with JavaScript, Rest, PHP and more, as a frontend developer, to enable Pingdom to bring you even more cool features and functionality.

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Welcoming Anders Ekman, new support technician at Pingdom

Anders Ekman, support technician at PingdomPingdom would like to take this opportunity to introduce the latest addition to our geeky team. Anders Ekman has joined us as support technician.

Anders comes from Sala, a town not far from the Pingdom HQ in Västerås, Sweden. His older brother got him inspired and curious about computers at an early age, and he wanted to figure out what goes on inside the box, how it all works.

In high school Anders specialized in IT, which was the perfect choice for him, he says. But after school he wanted to see the world, and looked for IT-related jobs all over the place.

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Yesterday we introduced you to Svante, our new System Administrator, and today it’s Fredrik Berglund’s turn. Would you believe it, Fredrik also comes from Eskilstuna, just like Svante, and Fredrik also got started with programming on a PC with Intel 286 processor. They even went to the same university!

But let’s turn our attention back to Fredrik, for a moment.

That 286 PC, which his dad dragged home, really got Fredrik working hard on his programming skills, getting to grips with assembly language and even hexadecimal code. His interest in computers then took him to studies in computational science at Mälardalens University.

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Introducing Svante Boberg, new System Administrator at Pingdom

This week, the Pingdom team, is getting reinforcement in the form of Svante Boberg who joins us as System Administrator.

At Pingdom, Svante will work with a wide range of tasks, including maintenance of infrastructure, upgrades, and more. To put it in another way, he will make sure it all runs.

Svante hails from Eskilstuna, which is right next door to the Pingdom HQ in Västerås, Sweden. He started using computers at a very early age, and began programming in QBasic on his first computer, which was an Intel 286-based PC.

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