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23 percent of the top US websites have bad 404 error pages

The top 100 websites in the US count their visitor numbers in the millions. They need to care about every aspect of their website to handle (and take advantage of) all that traffic, which includes handling those users who sometimes end up on non-existing pages either by accident or because of an error. This means […]

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How often is online storage offline?

This is a survey of the uptime of 16 online storage services during June – Aug 2007, showing some striking differences in availability. The service with the best uptime only had five minutes of downtime in three months, while the service with the worst uptime had more than 66 hours of downtime during the same […]

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(This is an update with new data. The previous survey was done on April 2.) These are the 20 most popular websites in the United States, according to Alexa. In other words, they have tons of visitor traffic. How are they holding up under that pressure? Here you can see the downtime so far in […]

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