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Underneath its simple exterior, the Google search algorithm is a complex beast that calculates rankings and returns results at lightening speeds. It has progressed from humble beginnings to something very sophisticated indeed.

As businesses, we hold our breath with every update and celebrate the success of uplift or pick up the pieces from a penalty. These updates commonly have names, which have become infamous recently – Panda or Penguin anyone?

How well do you know Dewey or Jagger though? Here is an interactive timeline (with a humorous edge) that details the entire catalog of Google search updates since its origin in 1998. Enjoy!

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Justin BieberWe honestly never thought this day would come, when we would put a photo of Justin Bieber on our Royal Pingdom blog.

But it happened just now that we discovered, how should we put this, a bit of a conundrum, when doing a search with Google.

We discovered that Bieber gets right in between Twitter and Wikipedia, but not between Wikipedia and Twitter.

Confused? Let us explain.

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In the blue corner… Google! In the red corner… SEO! … aaaaaaand, FIGHT!

Is it just us, or are the results from search engines getting out of control? Often several of the top ten search results will contain websites that seem to have received their position mainly through SEO efforts, not by being truly great resources (at least not great enough to be in the top ten).

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Since it launched in 1998, Google has become one of the true giants of the Internet. These days, Google has data centers all around the world and hundreds of thousands of servers. The sheer size of Google today makes it very interesting to look back at its humble beginnings as a small research project called Backrub at Stanford University.

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Nine things you didn’t know about search engines

We take search engines for granted these days. They exist because they have to. Without them, going through and finding relevant information in the millions and millions of pages that exist on the web would be an almost impossible task. For example, it would have been extremely time-consuming for us here at Pingdom to put […]

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