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Could WhatsApp soon be as big as SMS?

sms old phoneThe eventual death of the text message, or SMS has been discussed for years now. And is it any wonder, with smartphone sales booming and mobile data skyrocketing?

The demise of SMS would indeed be bad news for the phone companies since revenues for text messages were $128 billion in 2011. Instant Messages (IM), on the other hand, are free and just keep increasing in popularity.

In 2011 we concluded that the volume of SMS was still growing around the world, but the rate of increase was slowing down. Now we are back with new numbers, showing that relatively soon, WhatsApp (one of the more popular IM-services) alone could be as big as SMS.

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Temporary SMS restrictions in India

IndiaThe Indian government has issued a temporary restriction on the number of SMS messages that can be sent in a day (no more than 5 per subscriber). The latest information is that this restriction will last for two weeks, and affects all of India. If you live there, you are probably well aware of this by now.

This drastic measure was put in place by the Indian government to curb the spread of rumors and inflammatory material concerning recent violence in Assam, India. Many websites have also been blocked for the same reason. It is a complicated situation, but basically the Indian government is doing this in an attempt to limit civil unrest.

We’re Swedes, so it’s difficult for us to comment on this from the outside. What we are concerned about, however, is the technical side effect of this move.

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Earlier this year we noted that over 6 trillion text messages were sent in 2010, a rise of 41% compared to the year before. The growth may have been declining – SMS saw a 53% increase from 2008 to 2009 – but SMS and MMS are still going strong. This is in spite of social media like Twitter and Facebook having grabbed many of the headlines.

But what did it look like for the Christmas and New Year we’ve just been through?

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The Next Web published an article in August entitled “How text messaging as we know it will die in 3-5 years.” In the article Niall Harbison argues that the advent of smartphones and apps such as WhatsApp results in users transitioning away from SMS to these alternative messaging options. So let’s try to see what we can find out.

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PagerDuty adds Pingdom integration

PagerDutyOur friends over at PagerDuty recently announced that they have added Pingdom integration to their service.

In case you haven’t heard of it, PagerDuty is an alerting service that lets you combine the results from multiple monitoring tools and services. It lets you centralize things like alerts, on-call scheduling, alert escalations, etc.

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Huh? Pingdom hot tub monitoring?

We ran across a very creative use of Pingdom monitoring the other day. Most people use Pingdom to monitor the status of websites and servers, but Eric Nagel uses our monitoring service to keep track of the temperature in his outdoor hot tub (complete with rubber ducky).

Keep reading to learn how he did it.

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New monitoring package: Pingdom Business

Starting today, Pingdom has gone from offering one single package to offering two packages. The old Pingdom package is now called Pingdom Basic, and the new, more powerful package, is called Pingdom Business. The price for Pingdom Basic is still $9.95 per month, while the price for Pingdom Business is $39.95 per month. What does […]

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New Pingdom feature: Pausing monitoring and alerts

(To be honest, we added this feature almost a month ago, but here is a proper introduction.) Sometimes you may want to temporarily pause monitoring of some of your websites or servers, or you may want an easy way to temporarily disable alerts to one or several of your contact persons (or all of them!). […]

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Pingdom gets thumbs up from Web developers

The Web developers at Project83 have given Pingdom a glowing review in their blog. These are just a few snippets from what they had to say about us: Although I work on the web, over the years there have been very few web applications that have truly become instrumental to the way we do business. […]

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New SMS delivery system on the way

Monitoring the availability of servers, websites and services is a safety net for many server administrators and website owners. They rely on being notified the minute a problem occurs, often through SMS alerts, and this is where current uptime monitoring companies sometimes fail. If users are not notified due to a lost SMS alert, the […]

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