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ab-1503 million unique visitors each day, that is how much traffic, the biggest website in Sweden, handles. Add to that the 15 TB of data the site pumps out daily and you get some idea of the scale of its operations. And keep in mind Sweden is a country with only 9.6 million people.

We at Pingdom visited Aftonbladet recently to find out how this cutting edge website is managed and monitored, and met with two of the guys that made this all happen: Christian Lizell, Systems Architect, and Tobias Järlund, Lead Developer. Here’s what we found out about how they and the rest of the team keep the site ticking.

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shootitlive-150Shootitlive was born with a demo in a conference room at one of the biggest daily newspapers in Sweden. The demo was a hack hosted on one of the co-founder’s computers at home. A Shootitlive widget was inserted into a copy of the daily’s homepage. When photos started to appear on the fake homepage, merely seconds after the camera had captured the photo, the deal was in effect done.

That’s how Shootitlive got started and how it managed to sign up many of the biggest newspapers in Northern Europe as customers. On the bleeding edge of news photography and video, Shootitlive is now poised for further international expansion.

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gasometer pingdom data centerThe Swedish company Bahnhof has presented two suggestions for how to turn a 19th century gasometer into a 21st century high tech data center. If these plans become reality, the new data center would arguably be one of the coolest ones anywhere in the world.

Besides being über cool, the proposed data center would also have another interesting twist to it: a clever use for the significant heat generated by its computers.

And since Bahnhof has been a part of designing data centers fit for James Bond villains in the past, there’s every chance that the proposals will become reality.

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The top 100 web hosting countries

world-internetLast week we showed that the top 1 million web sites in the world were hosted in almost 8,000 different cites. If these cities were evenly distributed across the world, there would be about 40 cities in each nation, but is that really the case?

Following up our own 2012 study, we present this year’s survey of the top 100 web hosting countries. What do you think the major developments were since last year?

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Pingdom has been awarded the prize “Gasell” by for being the company with the fastest financial growth during 2012 in its region of Sweden, the county of Västmanland.

The prize was given out at an awards ceremony at Conventum in Örebro on November 7th, in front of an audience including other finalists. We at Pingdom are very happy to be given such an honor. This is a milestone on the journey that Pingdom is on, to make the web faster and more reliable.

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Summarizing day one of Internet Days

internet days born to hack

After yesterday’s Internet Discovery Day and WordCamp, we felt ready to really take on Internet Days today. Now on the way back to Pingdom HQ, we’d like to bring you some of the events and impressions from today.

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swedenWant to know what Internet users in Sweden do online each day? When most Swedes start using the Internet? What they buy online? Answers to all of that and more can be found in this report, just released by the Internet Infrastructure Foundation in Sweden.

Even though we really love stats and really digging into them, at 69 pages in total, this report is a bit beyond what we would call easily digestible :)  So, quite simply, we thought we’d summarize it, highlighting some of the more funny and interesting aspects of the report.

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swedenPingdom has studied the uptime of the official websites of all 290 municipalities in Sweden during July, and we can now present that only 17% of the sites scored a perfect 100% uptime. In this study, we also identify the 20 municipalities with the worst uptime record in July.

It’s clear on the basis of this study that website uptime is something that many municipalities in Sweden continue to struggle with. Availability of their websites and other online services is a key issue that needs to be dealt with, as more and more local governments around the world, including municipalities, take to the Internet for communicating with residents and conducting business.

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Graduating With Style


We have this tradition in Sweden where graduating high school students are driven around on the backs of large trucks together with their classmates. One last celebration before they move on with their lives. That’s today. It’s loud. It’s fun. There’s a long procession of trucks, driving all over town, and you can hear them pretty much a mile away. They’re usually equipped with some serious sound systems, pumping out party music. A calm, quiet celebration it most definitely is not.

This year, we worked with some of the local students, helping them get a really kick-ass graduation. Being geeks ourselves, naturally we went for the computer science graduates, the future IT gurus of their generation. Being the best and brightest, they should be able to graduate with style, right?

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born to hack

Every year there’s an event in Sweden called 24-Hour Business Camp, or 24HBC for short. It’s a fun meetup where some of Sweden’s more entrepreneurial developers show up and try to create a bunch of internet startups in 24 hours of intense hacking. This year it’ll take place on June 10-12. It’s a great event, run by our friends over at .SE.

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