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Posts Tagged ‘tech’

computer chroniclesHosted by Stewart Cheifet, the tech-focused television program Computer Chronicles ran from 1983 to 2002. For many, it was the place to go to for the latest news, help with technology, and much more.

We browsed the archive of the Computer Chronicles, kept available by the Internet Archive and came up with these nuggets of tech history from the 1980s and 1990s.

Remember, some of this may seem a bit silly today, but back then it was state of the art.

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Fun and unusual HTTP response headers


HTTP response headers are usually pretty dry reading, but once in a blue moon you do stumble upon something that makes you smile. Here are some of our favorites.

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Traffic to the blog platform, 2006-2015

wordpress-iconAutomattic’s blog hosting platform just keeps growing. Traffic is up 25% compared to a year ago, and 79% compared to the year before that. It hosts around half of all WordPress sites in the world (of which there are currently 54.7 million)

It’s easy to forget how it started, as a small service by the people behind the open source WordPress blog software. Here is Matt Mullenweg’s short announcement from back in November of 2005, when was opened up for everyone:

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Back to the past – 10 awesome vintage computer ads

VIntage computer

Going back to the future would be nice, following in Marty McFly’s footsteps, but for now we’ll settle for just going back to the past. We have dug up 10 awesome vintage ads published in Byte Magazine from 1977 to 1984. It’s quite a mix of cool and quirky, funny and awesome.

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Twitter does not allow monitoring of its API

twitterWhen you depend on an external service for functionality for your own app or web service, it often makes sense to monitor it. You want to know when its API isn’t available, because that affects your app.

That’s why we were somewhat surprised when we stumbled upon this in Twitter’s API Terms of Service (their “Developer Rules of the Road”) the other day:

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How popular is Varnish? (Plus words from its creator)

Varnish HTTP acceleratorA really effective way to speed up a website is to add some form of caching layer in front of it. If your web server doesn’t have to keep generating the same web pages over and over, odds are things will be a lot faster for your site visitors. This is where Varnish comes in.

According to our research, 5.2% of the world’s top 10,000 websites are currently using Varnish, a popular open source HTTP accelerator (also called a reverse proxy) that acts as a caching layer between a website and its visitors.

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Want pain? Try loading today’s websites over dial-up

phone line

Even today, in 2012, some people don’t have broadband Internet connections, relying instead on phone lines and those good old dial-up modems. By today’s standards, those connections are extremely slow. Not only is the transfer speed slow, the latency is worse too.

On top of that, today’s websites are generally not designed for such slow connections. Surfing the web on a dial-up modem today is character building. That’s what you say about excruciating, painful experiences, right?

We wanted to see just how bad the situation is today. How long do regular web pages take to load over dial-up?

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Now that Apple has introduced the Retina display to the MacBook Pro line, it’s only a matter of time before it starts appearing on other Macs as well. What kind of screen resolutions can we expect once that happens?

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Graduating With Style


We have this tradition in Sweden where graduating high school students are driven around on the backs of large trucks together with their classmates. One last celebration before they move on with their lives. That’s today. It’s loud. It’s fun. There’s a long procession of trucks, driving all over town, and you can hear them pretty much a mile away. They’re usually equipped with some serious sound systems, pumping out party music. A calm, quiet celebration it most definitely is not.

This year, we worked with some of the local students, helping them get a really kick-ass graduation. Being geeks ourselves, naturally we went for the computer science graduates, the future IT gurus of their generation. Being the best and brightest, they should be able to graduate with style, right?

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born to hack

Every year there’s an event in Sweden called 24-Hour Business Camp, or 24HBC for short. It’s a fun meetup where some of Sweden’s more entrepreneurial developers show up and try to create a bunch of internet startups in 24 hours of intense hacking. This year it’ll take place on June 10-12. It’s a great event, run by our friends over at .SE.

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