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Posts Tagged ‘telecommunications’

It’s time to (finally) kill the SIM card

For everyone who has a GSM mobile phone, the SIM card has become a way of life, or at least a way of mobile life. That thumbnail-sized plastic card, which houses our mobile identity, is a necessary evil we’ve had to endure for far too long.

Apple pioneered the micro SIM card with the iPad and iPhone, and now it wants to go even smaller.

We, however, join the ranks of people asking for the total abolishment of the SIM card, and here’s why.

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Transatlantic cable handled 8 words a minute in 1866

Today we have transatlantic cables of massive capacity, handling all sorts of telecom traffic (including the internet). However, these submarine cables had a modest beginning. The first successfully deployed commercial transatlantic cable was in 1866, after a decade-long series of less successful attempts. Sending messages over this cable was incredibly expensive. The cost of speed […]

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Outages caused by raccoons, thieves and random gunfire

A couple of months ago, one of Rackspace’s data centers ran into trouble when a truck crashed into a power transformer and caused a major power outage. In general, power outages are a frequent cause of data center trouble and other service interruptions. Even if safeguards are in place, there is always a chance that […]

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