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Google is testing a Slow label right now and it appears to be visible to some mobile Android users. It clearly signals that Google is taking web performance seriously, especially mobile. Site owners would be wise to identify performance problem areas by getting actual visibility into how actual users view their pages. We recommend using Pingdom’s Real User Monitoring.

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Pingdom Transaction Monitor Cheat Sheet

We’re fast approaching the release of the Pingdom Transaction Monitor, a new type of check you will soon be able to add to your Pingdom account. In preparation for this, we brought you a how-to article last week and today we bring you a cheat sheet.

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Testing the speed of comment systems for blogs

For blogs and many other types of sites, getting an interaction going with readers is essential. But it would seem that many believe that installing a third-party comment system on a website, something like Disqus, IntenseDebate, or LiveFyre, drags down the site’s speed considerably.

Instead of spurring on debate, discussion, and interaction, a slower site could discourage users to take part, and users could instead end up leaving the site. But is it really the case that adding these comment systems slow down sites?

We put five comment systems to the test and found out that there’s less difference in speed than you might think.

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Seeking beta testers for new Pingdom API

PingdomWe’ve been working on a brand new API for Pingdom and would now like to work together with a selection of beta testers to make sure it’s the best it can be before we release it into the wild.

This new API is part of a wave of backend development we’re doing here at Pingdom that will be the basis for taking our uptime monitoring service to new heights. We’re growing fast and have recently added several really talented developers to our team, and another hiring spree is coming up in a week or two for seven new positions. You will see a lot happening with Pingdom over the coming year.

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Is really the fastest URL shortener? (chart) versus other URL shorteners

A few weeks ago, Google made its URL shortener,, open for everyone and gave it its own website, similar to’s. Previously, could only be used by Google’s own services.

When they announced this, Google made a pretty bold statement: “… we do want it to be the stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.”

That’s something that we should test, isn’t it?

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Two thirds of websites have potential DNS problems

DNS Health test

Running an uptime monitoring service as we do, over time it’s become obvious to us that a large portion of website problems are caused by DNS issues, and in many cases those issues were a direct result of bad DNS settings. In other words, there is a lot of downtime and other website errors that could have been avoided if the DNS servers of that website had been correctly configured from the start.

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New! Find DNS problems with Pingdom Tools

DNS test in Pingdom Tools

DNS, the Domain Name System, is a vital part of the Internet. And since it’s such a vital part of the Internet, it’s important that websites have correct DNS settings. If they don’t, it can lead to a number of problems, one of them being downtime. On top of that, bad DNS settings can be hard to track down and can cause a lot of head ache for webmasters and site owners.

We here at Pingdom run a website monitoring service that tracks the uptime of tens of thousands of websites for our users, so we deal with site issues on a daily basis. Over time, it has become exceedingly clear that a large portion of the various errors we detect are caused by bad DNS settings or poorly configured DNS servers.

This is why we now are introducing an addition to our free webmaster tools: a DNS health test.

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Thank you for the stress test, Digg

The Pingdom Tools Full Page Test was on the front page of Digg yesterday. Even though we of course wanted the word out, this was a little more than we expected. It actually turned out to be a great stress test. We were getting more than 10,000 web page test requests per hour, which is […]

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Add Pingdom Tools to your website

You may have noticed the latest addition to the Pingdom website: Pingdom Tools, a set of free utilities for webmasters. The first available tool tests the load time of a web page including all its objects such as images, scripts, etc. You can see the size, load time and type of every single object on […]

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Pingdom Tools – The webmaster’s new best friend

Now you can finally find out why a website loads so slowly. Is it that huge banner, or because the site is using more than 300 images? Pingdom Tools is meant to be a great set of utilities for webmasters and other curious web dwellers. First out is the Full Page Test, a tool for […]

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