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broadband speed pingdomAs the first country ever to break through the 60 Mbps Internet speed barrier, Hong Kong has, according to the latest figures from Akamai, increased its lead over its closest rivals.

Now enjoying an average peak connection speed of 63.6 Mbps, people in Hong Kong should be saying to themselves, “wow, that’s fast.” Especially when you consider that the world average peak connection speed is 18.4 Mbps.

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asia internet speeds

It should come as no surprise that the world’s fastest Internet connection speeds can be found in Asia, with Hong Kong offering an impressive 54.1 Mbps, the fastest in the world. But would you believe us if we said that the world’s slowest connection speeds can also be found in Asia? How is that possible, you ask? Read on for all the numbers.

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us flag

The US presidential election is certainly heating up. With Election Day on November 6 approaching fast and the television debates on schedule, we thought we would take a look at how the candidates are doing in terms of their web presence. Put in another way, who is winning the race so far, when it comes to website performance and uptime?

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Does IP density matter?

ip density pingdom

The world now has a population of over 7 billion, and there are around 4 billion IP addresses allocated across the globe. With estimated 2.3 billion Internet users, that leaves almost two IP addresses per user.

How are these IP addresses distributed throughout the countries around the world, and what’s the spread of IP addresses per capita? We go deep and attempt to answer those questions and more.

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4th of July Independence day

For everyone who is celebrating 4th of July tomorrow (and for anyone else too, for that matter), we’re giving away 1,000 free 1-year Basic Pingdom Accounts. That means you can set up all the monitoring you need today so you can relax tomorrow. To find out more about our service and what the Basic Account offers you, check out our website.

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Up or not? Keep track of your favorite US sports websites

Want to see how your favorite US sports site is doing, if it has a perfect 100% uptime score or not? If you want to check the latest scores and it isn’t working, could it be a problem with your computer or connection, or the site? We’ve got the solution for you!

For some time now we’ve been monitoring 34 major US sports and news sites related to sports. Our recent articles on the Super Bowl are a result of that monitoring.

Now you can look at how these sites are doing yourself on the public reports page for this list of US sports websites.

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The incredible growth of the Internet since 2000

The worldIt doesn’t feel like 2000 was all that long ago, does it? But on the Internet, a decade is a long time. Ten years ago we were in the era of the dot-com boom (and bust), the Web was strictly 1.0, and Google was just a baby.

Since then people have welled onto the Internet. You don’t actually realize how many more people are on the Internet now until you start comparing numbers. This article is an in-depth study of how the number of Internet users has grown in the past decade.

We’ll start with the whole world, then world regions, then break it down even further into countries. As you’ll see, a lot has happened.

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