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CloudFlare adds free Pingdom website monitoring

CloudFlareWe’re happy to announce that starting today, CloudFlare users have super-easy access to the Pingdom uptime monitoring service via CloudFlare Apps. With just one click, they can set up a free Pingdom account to monitor their website.

We have to give credit to CloudFlare for encouraging independent monitoring of their service. Clearly, they have nothing to hide and want their users to stay on top of their website uptime and performance. That a service promotes transparency is always a good sign.

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Is the online tech crowd really THAT dominated by men?

Men and womenTech is generally thought of as a male-dominated field, so it’s not surprising to see that visitors to tech blogs are predominantly male. What you might find a bit sad is just how massively the men outweigh the women.

To find out what the balance looked like, we picked out a group of popular tech blogs (and a couple of tech blog aggregators) and examined how many of their website visitors are male versus female with the help of demographics data from Google’s DoubleClick Ad Planner.

The sites included in this survey are: TechCrunch, GigaOM, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, Techmeme, Slashdot, The Next Web, Slashgear, Hacker News, Venturebeat, TUAW, BGR, Daring Fireball, All Things D, and AppleInsider.

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Handy downtime troubleshooting tips

my pingdom

As you might have noticed, we’re making a new control panel for Pingdom. You can already access parts of it either by logging in directly to it, or going via our current control panel.

We thought you might enjoy a few tips on how you can use it effectively, so let’s start with a very important subject: troubleshooting downtime. After all, once you’ve received an alert from us that your website is down, you might want to have a closer look at exactly what the problem is.

As an added benefit, much of what we tell you here below are things you can apply in the existing control panel, so you practically get two lessons for the price of one. Neat, huh?

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Where Yahoo still beats Google

Yahoo!It’s no secret that Yahoo has seen brighter days and that Google has come to utterly dominate the Web in a way that Yahoo just can’t compete with anymore.

But lo and behold, there are still some places where Yahoo is ranked higher than Google. They’re few and far between, but they do exist, and in some pretty big markets, too.

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What Google autocomplete has to say about the Internet

Google autocompleteWe all love the Internet, but using it also has its fair share of frustrations. This becomes fairly obvious when you look at the automatic suggestions that Google makes as you type in your searches…

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New public status pages out of beta

Not betaAs of today, the new public reports (a.k.a. public status pages) are no longer in beta. We here at Pingdom would like to thank you all for your feedback during the beta testing period.

The old-style public reports will continue to work until May 31. After that date, they will automatically redirect to the new reports.

If you’re not already using the new style of public report (it uses a different URL than the old one), now might be a good time to switch. All the information you need is available under Public Reports in the Pingdom control panel.

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Flower sites hit hard by Valentine’s Day

HeartValentine’s Day is a great day for any vendor selling flowers. Over the years, a large number of websites selling flowers have sprung up, and as you might expect, many of these websites are flooded by eager shoppers on February 14 wanting to buy flowers and gifts for their loved ones.

This is big business. Americans are expected to spend $18.6 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

Now here is the catch. Every year, some of these websites won’t be prepared to handle the increase in visitor traffic and as a result they slow down significantly, or even crash under the pressure.

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The major incidents on the Internet in 2010

Internet Incidents

In what has become something of a yearly tradition, it’s now time for us to present 10 of the most noteworthy incidents on the Internet from this past year. As you’ll see, 2010 has been very interesting.

Just like previous years, we have included problems ranging from website outages and service issues to large-scale network interruptions. If you’re an avid Web user, you are bound to recognize several of them.

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Awesome visualizations of internet and web tech

VisualizationText and numbers are all good and well, but sometimes it’s nice to just be presented with a nice visual.

This post is full of videos of just that, interesting visualizations of data. Being the geeks we are, they’re of course all related to the Web and the Internet.


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Two thirds of websites have potential DNS problems

DNS Health test

Running an uptime monitoring service as we do, over time it’s become obvious to us that a large portion of website problems are caused by DNS issues, and in many cases those issues were a direct result of bad DNS settings. In other words, there is a lot of downtime and other website errors that could have been avoided if the DNS servers of that website had been correctly configured from the start.

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