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transaction monitorWe’ve covered how to use the Pingdom Transaction Monitor to keep an eye on logins and form submissions before here on the blog. Today we will take that a step further and look at how you can monitor logins and applications that require basic authentication. We’ll actually  present you with two ways of doing this: one using the Transaction Monitor and one using a regular HTTP check.

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real user monitoring menu

Last week we launched our Real User Monitoring (RUM) service, and the response has been fantastic. Our customers have added RUM to scores of websites, and we hope the data collected can help you get a better understanding of the performance of your sites.

We already have quite a bit of information about Real User Monitoring, but today we wanted to address one feature in particular: the long tail of load time distribution.

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web hosting locations pingdomDo you know the hosting locations of the biggest websites in the world? More specifically, do you know in which cities they are located?

Last year we found that 43% of the world’s top one million sites were hosted in the United States, but we felt eager to figure out more exactly where these sites are hosted.

So, to see what could be uncovered, we crunched through the list of the world’s biggest websites.

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blog readership demographics pingdom The number of blogs in the world today is huge. Tumblr and WordPress alone have over 157 million blogs. But who reads them all? Following a similar report from last year we now have new and interesting facts that can tell you who reads the world’s top blogs. One thing that took us by surprise was that the average reader of the top blogs is older than we thought. Read on to find all the statistics, some massive charts, and interesting conclusions.

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Taking another look: the biggest websites in the world

Facebook likeAccording to comScore and Business Insider, the biggest website in the world amassed 837 million unique visitors during December 2012. That must have been Google, you might say, but you’d be wrong. In fact, Facebook took the top spot followed by Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and others.

We wanted to put those numbers in perspective and here you can see some of our take on the biggest websites in the world.

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Internet 2012 in numbers

There is so much happening on the Internet during a year that it’s impossible to capture it all in a blog post, but we’re going to give it a shot anyway. How many emails were sent during 2012? How many domains are there? What’s the most popular web browser? How many Internet users are there? These are some of the questions we’ll answer for you.

To bring you these answers, we’ve gone to the ends of the web – wherever that is – and back again, and compiled a list of truly fascinating facts about the year that was. Some of the numbers are snapshots taken during the year, others cover the entire period. Either way, they all contribute to giving us a better understanding of Internet in 2012. Enjoy!

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Pingdom adds dedicated mobile team

pingdom mobile

With so much happening in the mobile space today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added a team that is dedicated to all things mobile to the growing Pingdom family.

This will help us on our quest for making the web a faster and more reliable place, regardless of what device is used to access a website.

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We now monitor the world’s top 100 brands (updated)


We have in several articles recently written about how the top brands in the world are using social media, like Facebook and Twitter. That peaked our interest in these global giants so we decided to start following their web presence as well to see if there’s possibly more to find.

With Coca-Cola in the lead, followed by IBM, Microsoft, and Google, this is a list of some of the biggest companies in the world, and we think you will find it particularly interesting to follow how they perform online.

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Shamoon and UDIDs (Pingdom Podcast #27)

security podcast

In this show, we talk to Nicolai Solling, Director of Technology Services at help AG, about various security topics. We briefly cover the Shamoon virus that recently attacked companies in the Middle East, but the focus is the millions of iPhone and iPad UDIDs that supposedly leaked from an FBI agent’s laptop.

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Passwords and SSH (Pingdom Podcast #26)

security podcast

In this show, we talk to Nicolai Solling, Director of Technology Services at help AG, about various security topics. Since the podcast has been off the air for a number of weeks, we’re catching up with some recent developments, including the top 3 passwords in recent account breaches, companies failing to control bandwidth usage, and the father of SSH saying he thinks the world’s security is getting worse.

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