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Patrick kalkmanIf you want to monitor your website’s status with a Live Tile in Windows 8 there’s a free app that will let you do just that: Pingdom Alert.

We’re always looking for cool and interesting ways that our customers use our services. To find out more about Pingdom Alert, we reached out to its developer, Patrick Kalkman.

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Exactly how ginormous is Android?

android logoThere is no denying that Android, Google’s operating system for mobile devices, is big. For example, Android is the OS on 42% of all consumer compute devices.

We have scoured the web for data that will help us show exactly how big Android is in the smartphone world. And in every way we looked at it, Android is ginormous.

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The Finnish flag

In Finland, almost 8% of mobile web browsing is done on Windows Phone devices.

That makes Finland the number one country for Windows Phone. In contrast, Microsoft’s smartphone OS only has 0.53% of the worldwide mobile web traffic.

But which country is number two and how far behind Finland is it?

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Have you noticed the appification happening all round us? On your smartphone you have apps, whether it runs Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or some other OS. On your computer you have applications, at least for now. You will, however, soon use apps on your computer as well, regardless of whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC. Both Apple and Microsoft are moving full steam ahead on what we call the appification of software.

But with at least one software manufacturer already declaring that its software is “full software, not an app,” will there be a backlash, and what does it all mean for you?

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Pingdom Podcast #11 – iPad 3 and Mobile World Congress

Pingdom’s Podcast is a show about Internet, web, security, and mobile stuff.

In this show, we talk about the upcoming launch of Apple’s next iPad, whether it be iPad 2S or 3, and what’s been announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Pingdom Podcast #10 – QML and Office for iPad

Pingdom’s Podcast is a show about Internet, web, security, and mobile stuff.

In this show, we talk about developing apps for different platforms and the challenges that can bring, Microsoft’s guidance for touch in Windows 8 Metro apps, and if Microsoft will introduce Office for iPad.

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Perceptions matter, and the perception of Nokia in the news, on the web, and in the minds of many, is that things aren’t going that well. Even in the Pingdom office, we hear “Nokia is doomed,” but do the numbers support this belief?

Looking at the statistics, Symbian leads the mobile operating system race with just over 30% of web browsing traffic. That’s down slightly from late last year, when we noted that Symbian finished 2011 as the top mobile operating system, with almost 34% of the mobile OS market.

What is even more interesting, however, is that Nokia is also ahead when we look at figures for all the mobile handset vendors. In fact, Nokia is way ahead of Apple, and Android lags far behind.

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Pingdom Podcast #6

Pingdom’s Podcast is a weekly show about Internet, web, security, and mobile stuff.

In this show, Saleh also gives us an update on the pending approval of his Carbon for Windows Phone Twitter client. We also talked about Nokia’s recent financial results, if Google Chrome can hit more than 50% market share this year, and the recent privacy-blunder by the guys behind the Path mobile app.

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