16 geeky pumpkin designs for Halloween

It’s not exactly a big secret that we here at Pingdom are complete and utter geeks (which we freely admit). That’s why we love what we’ve seen in the way of pumpkin designs now that Halloween is around the corner. There are pumpkins designed as robots, computers, nice IT logos, gaming icons and more.

We have collected some of them in this post. Let your inner geek loose and keep reading. 🙂

Computer pumpkins

Computer pumpkin
Photo by Chris Meller.

Mac pumpkin
Photo by Christopher Marney.

Computer pumpkin
Photo by Isaac Lee.

Computer logo pumpkins

Firefox pumpkin
Photo by Eugene (Katz Family).

Tux pumpkin
Photo by Matt Dunlop.

OpenBSD pumpkin
Photo by Sleigh Boy.

Mac pumpkin
Photo by Mark Eagleton.

Gaming pumpkins

Space invaders pumpkin
Photo by Michael Cramer.

Mario pumpkin
Photo by Rakka.

NES pumpkin
Photo by Mdholtdesign.

Wii pumpkin
Photo by Daisy Morrison.

Robot pumpkins

Pumpkin robot
Photo by Windell H. Oskay at www.evilmadscientist.com.

Robot pumpkin
Photo by Christy Gray.

Cylon pumpkin
Found at Hot Costume Ideas.

Robot pumpkin
Photo by Anetron.

Flirty pumpkin, geek style

Smiley pumpkin
Photo by Nick Smith.

There is a huge amount of pumpkin designs proudly displayed around the Web, and we are sure to have missed some really cool ones, so please feel free to add links in the comments.

And though it’s a wee bit early: Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂


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