How to avoid the consequences of your site being down

This is a service we would have loved to offer, if it wasn’t for the fact that we would be facing more lawsuits than we can count. We present: The Pingdom Diversion service!

Whenever your site has problems, we would do at least one of the following:

  1. Immediately launch a massive DDoS attack on your biggest competitor. Hey, if you are down, at least your customers can’t go over to the competition!
  2. Bring down at least two high-profile sites, like Amazon or MySpace. They will become the news headlines that day, not you.
  3. Create a variety of network issues in your area of the Internet. Perfect for guilt avoidance. “Hey, it wasn’t our fault! Every site in California was having issues!”

These three together would effectively take the eyes away from your site problems.

Of course, even ethics aside, considering the FBI and a bunch other agencies would come knocking on our door, Pingdom has decided to scrap this plan before it left the drawing board.

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