New SMS delivery system on the way

Monitoring the availability of servers, websites and services is a safety net for many server administrators and website owners. They rely on being notified the minute a problem occurs, often through SMS alerts, and this is where current uptime monitoring companies sometimes fail. If users are not notified due to a lost SMS alert, the main point of uptime monitoring goes away.

That’s why our engineers in Serbia decided to make Pingdom’s SMS alert delivery the most reliable in the business. They have been developing a new SMS delivery mechanism for Pingdom Core (the software platform all Pingdom services are based on).

This new delivery system relies on software that will automatically select the best SMS provider for sending SMS alerts to our customers. If one SMS provider fails to deliver the message, the system will be notified of this and try another provider. On the odd chance of Pingdom still not being able to reach the customer through SMS, the customer will be notified of this via email.

Image: The workings, “alert flow”, of the new Pingdom SMS delivery system with plenty of redundance.

The new system is currently being beta tested by selected Pingdom users, and will go live at the end of October.

(If you are interested in becoming a Pingdom beta tester in the future, you are welcome to email beta AT pingdom DOT com.)

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