404 – Price not found

We have just launched a campaign on the Pingdom website.

Why do people use uptime monitoring? A huge reason is to know if there is a problem with their websites or servers. No one is immune against downtime, but sometimes it can be hard to explain the point of using uptime monitoring in a simple way.

However, everyone surfing the web has seen error pages, and this is of course one of the things we detect.

We decided to play with this a bit, so our homepage is currently showing a big 404 error message. (Imagine how ironic it would be if our own homepage would actually be down or not working?)

Take a second look, though, and the error isn’t about a missing page, but about a missing price (we are offering a 50% discount).

404 Price not found

Note: We have had real website downtime ourselves in the past, but at least we found out right away thanks to our monitoring and could solve the problem. Phew. 🙂

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