4th of July Special: Claim your free Pingdom Basic account here!

4th of July Independence day

Update: The promotion is now closed. Thanks for everyone who took part and we hope you will put your Pingdom accounts to good use.

For everyone who is celebrating 4th of July tomorrow (and for anyone else too, for that matter), we’re giving away 1,000 free 1-year Basic Pingdom Accounts. That means you can set up all the monitoring you need today so you can relax tomorrow. To find out more about our service and what the Basic Account offers you, check out our website.

All you have to do is to click on the code below to claim your free 1-year Basic Pingdom Account. The link will take you to a registration page, where the code should already be applied to the order. If you see a message saying the code is not valid, the promotion is unfortunately already over or that code was already used (then you can reload this page and try to click the link again).

[iframe src=”http://external.pingdom.com/4july/4july_randompromo.php” width=”100%” height=”150″]

This promotion is limited to 1,000 free 1-year Basic Accounts, each worth almost $120. Each discount code can only be used once, for creating a new Pingdom account or upgrading an existing account.

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      1. @pingdom I’ve been trying to email to support and the email keeps bouncing back. I’ve sent test emails to other accounts with no problem

        1. @pingdom Got it an hour ago (on my phone) as soon as you sent it. 🙂 I replied but doesn’t look like it went through. I blame solar flares.

  1. @pingdom Thanks for the Giveaway. My free Account is now upgraded to Basic. Looking forward to seeing the added features.

  2. @pingdom Server Error Something went wrong. Please try again later, or contact Pingdom support for help. O________O

        1. @DaseinFiasco Sorry about that. We’ll check it out. Try again in a little bit and let us know how it goes.

        2. @pingdom, still a server error when registering. maybe it’s an issue with my cc or something? can you check your logs for some sort of 500?

  3. @pingdom Your promo is confusing. After applying the code, it says “You will not be charged anything during the 30-day trial”. And after?

    1. @monfresh Sorry about that. The promo is for a 1-year free account, you wouldn’t be charged until after that.

      1. @pingdom Thanks, but still misleading that after signing up and logging in, I’m seeing “30 days left until the end of your trial period”.

  4. After login still “30 days left until the end of your trial period” msg and next bill for 4 Aug 2012

    1.  @caherrer Thx for Answ 🙂 i see a phrases below Account Tab :
      Your next renewal is 04/08/2012 .
      On that date you will be charged $0,00 for the Basic Subscription plan.

  5. @pingdom Wondering what the minimum check time in minutes is for the Basic account. Every 1min, 5min or ?? is included?

    1.  @Basilio No, it’s a one year free Basic Account. It may say there is a one month trial period, but you can just ignore that.
      Just a few codes left now, hurry up to get the last ones.

      1.  @Pingdom I was one of the lucky ones who got a code…and yet I didn’t get the “Basic” account. It signed me up for a free account, that could be had every day. I’ll submit a support ticket.

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