A bit of FeedBurner goodness

We started using FeedBurner just a couple of months ago. This has allowed us to get some reasonable statistics on the number of people who have subscribed to the Royal Pingdom RSS feed.

We are happy to say that the numbers have been growing, slowly but steadily. Lately, our blog has started to go above 1,000 feed subscribers (readers). The record so far was on April 29, when we had 1027 feed readers.

Royal Pingdom FeedBurner stats

Admittedly, the numbers from FeedBurner are approximations, but the trend is clear: more and more people are subscribing to our blog feed, which is great. πŸ™‚ The number of feed readers have increased about 60% on average since mid-February.

Royal Pingdom longterm FeedBurner stats

Thanks for reading this blog. We promise that will do our best to keep publishing interesting content for you.

(And if you’re reading this from our RSS feed, thanks for subscribing! πŸ˜‰ )


  1. Wow, for a site with such high quality, well designed and regular content I’d have thought your numbers would be significantly higher.

    Would you care to publish how many uniques you are seeing and how much of you traffic is driven by the feed?

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    Daragh, according to Google Analytics this blog had 154k unique visitors in the last 30 days, so obviously the traffic from the feed only accounts for a small part of our total traffic.

    That said, we probably have also done a pretty poor job at encouraging people to subscribe to the RSS feed, which is something we should amend in the future.

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