A bunch of brand new Pingdom servers

We recently bought a bunch of new servers stacked with RAM and dual quad core CPUs. They will be used for backend processing of Pingdom’s monitoring data and some other tasks.

We shipped them out to a data center in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share some photos of the “event” with you.

Just like Christmas!

Hardware, hardware and… more hardware. It’s always a joy getting new toys. We mean server equipment! 😉


Oooooh, pretty cables…

These came in handy, though we can’t really claim that we reached the same level of cabling excellence that these guys did, but at least we didn’t create a mess.


Getting packed and ready to go

This last picture doesn’t show it, but of course we strapped the servers down and added some extra padding to make sure they would be nice and comfy during the 90-minute trip from Västerås to Stockholm.


May we add that this blog is now running on one of these servers?


  1. Hope you didn’t experience any packet loss between Västerås and Stockholm 🙂 Oh, and 90 minutes?! That trip usually takes less than an hour. Was there any lag on the way?

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