A day in the life of Pingdom – join us May 15

A day in the life of Pingdom

“Photograph what is close to you. Share it with the world!“ That’s one of the headlines on Aday.org, a global project that will attempt to document what goes around the world in one day.

This all takes place on Tuesday May 15, 2012, and Pingdom will be participating.

Besides showing our support for this very worthwhile – and non-profit – effort, we would like to document a day in the life of Pingdom and its employees.

A day in the life of Pingdom

We’re all geeks here at Pingdom, so we get excited about any cool idea where we can use technology and Aday.org certainly is one such project.

From morning to evening, on May 15, we will take photos of all different aspects of what the geeks at Pingdom are up to. This could be having breakfast, going to work, writing code, having a meeting, design something, and anything and everything in between.

You will find our photos on the Aday website, of course. There is a 10-picture limit for how many you can upload (and you actually have a week to upload them, so you don’t necessarily have to do it on the 15th), so we felt like we would also document our day at aday.pingdom.com.

Why don’t you join in, as well? Just sign up for a free account, charge up your camera batteries and empty the flash cards. May 15, here we come!

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