A gallery of extremely geeky bumper stickers

Bumper stickers give people a chance to express their personality. So, what happens when the car owner is a dedicated computer geek (like us Pingdom-ites)?

This is what happens. 🙂

There is no place like home

The most famous IP address of them all, good old localhost.

Photo by Simon Law.

Computer geek overload

So much going on here. Stickers about LAN parties, Intel, Red Hat Linux, the GEEKCHK license plate, and the slightly unsettling “I read your email” sticker. 🙂 We’re guessing this one is a sysadmin.

Photo by Heather Masterson.

Microsoft irony

At least, we think this is irony. 🙂

Photo by Edward Virtually.

The truck device

Whoever the owner is, he/she is most certainly a *nix geek.

Photo by Kevin Inman.

True Linux dedication – Tux for president!

What, not voting for Torvalds? Awww…

Photo by Travis Bigrigg.

Driver fond of PHP

Subtle statement from a PHP Web programmer perhaps?

Photo by Hansco.


That’s it, we’re heading for Facebook…

Photo by Beatrice Murch.

Somebody cares A LOT about fonts

The tiny URL there actually leads to a whole website about the Comic Sans font.

Photo by Al Baxter.

Geek overload, again

A little bit of everything here, with a certain focus on games it would seem.

Photo by QuietDelusions.

404 error, sticker not found

Ah, yes, a good old 404 page, only in real life.

Found at Cathode Tan.

Political statement, geek style

Sometimes HTML can say a lot in very little space.

Photo by Jessie Heaven Lotz.

Apple overdose by Mac addict

Someone showing an abundance (and then some) of Apple love.

Photo by Eric Rice.

Firefox dedication

It’s our preferred Web browser here at Pingdom, and clearly this person agrees.

Photo by Devin Lussier.

Chaser of wireless networks

War driving is the practice of driving around scanning for wireless networks.

Photo by Iulus.

Blogger not happy about criticism

Anyone in the mood of actually calling 1-888-STFU to see what happens? 🙂

Photo by Scott Beale at Laughing Squid.

You may recall that we had a post about geeky vanity license plates a while ago. Now all we need is a car with a geeky license plate AND a cool geeky bumper sticker. 🙂 That would be perfection! (Actually, one car above managed this feat.)

We are sure to have missed some really cool examples of cars with geeky bumper stickers, so if you know of any, please put a link in the comments.


  1. The Bush sticker is about to come true very soon! Won’t be replaced by Tux, I’m sad to say. (The Tux for Pres bumper sticker is my definite favorite, by the way.)

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